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tv   Headline News  RT  June 25, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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coming up on r.t.e. n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden is located now the world waits to see where hill had next and if he'll reveal more details about the u.s. surveillance program updates on this story ahead in afghanistan a daring suicide attack was launched on kabul's presidential palace now the taliban is taking credit for the bombing so what does this mean for the peace talks between the u.s. and the toll on that story ahead and as the afghan war winds down defense contractors may have found a new battlefield for profit the senate is debating an immigration bill that would militarize the us mexico border a look at this development later in tonight's show i. i. it's tuesday june twenty
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fifth him in washington d.c. i'm maggie lopez and you are watching r t well it looks like if the international guessing game of where in the world is edward snowden is finally over for the last twenty four hours news outlets have been wall to wall coverage speculating whether or not he left russia and where his next destination might be today russian president thought of lot of your putin had put an end to some of those questions mr snowden has indeed landed in most he came as a transit passengers and remains in the transit zone. so there you have it he is still in the transit area of the moscow airport in the zone between the arrival gates and russia's passport control checkpoints president putin went on to say that the sooner snowden leaves this country and finds a final destination to depart from the better he will be both for russia as well as for snowden himself. meanwhile u.s.
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officials are demanding from moscow to detain the n.s.a. leaker and extradite him to the u.s. and although we now know where he is a number of questions remain one is edward snowden's final destination why did he not board that plane to cuba and why is he staying in that transit zone instead of interest into russia for the latest on the ground i was told to earlier by r t correspondent to say she is outside of the moscow airport and ship brought us the very latest. i may get oh well you know there's a story has been taking the surrey many twists and turns keeping us all guessing as to where indeed is and edward snowden but as we heard earlier on today from president putin that there indeed he is still holed up somewhere in that transit is zone in a short amount of airport now of course he has also reiterated the fact that does not and did not come out of the airport into russian soil so they did not know that he was even coming there was it just as a surprise as everybody else now because we know that the hong kong released
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a statement on sunday saying that snowden was aboard a plaited to moscow heading towards a third country they did not mention which country it was but which he lives in the background was also saying that he will be mad to buy someone from a diplomatic representatives from the country which he'll be seeking asylum from of course we know that the ambassador of al-qaeda did make a stop here on sunday to the airport whether he did all meet up with snowden as well as the wiki leaks a representative that straddling supposedly with a snowden that that is still i know what we do know is that from the president that he is in that transit sorry during our research we know that he did spend a night at the capsule hotel which is a transit hotel inside of this airport no one has seen him as yet he wasn't on that plane to cuba which he checked in himself on sunday upon arrival to moscow so it's
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been such a goose chase to really to say but every wasn't on the plane and he can be found within the transit zone where is he hiding and now i'm going to remarks question time we obviously everyone is trying to get their hands or of our eyes on him give us a layout of the airport i mean how big is it and why are travelers not snapping pictures of him like crazy. well assurer most of the airport to megan is about to eighteen miles just northwest of moscow central it's actually the harbor of our florida airlines which is the airline that snowden supposedly boarded from hong kong there's a roger it takes in about just over twenty six a thousand passengers a day coming in and out of this airport over two hundred twenty eight flights to and fro from this airport it's the second largest airport in russia now you can imagine how busy it gets with over twenty six thousand people coming in and out so i can imagine if there's
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a lot of people with glasses on toll men you might do you know you start to have visions of snowden all of which many of us have have had in the past couple of hours you can think am i supporting him no it's not it's just one of the passengers so that does make it a little bit difficult when it's such a busy airport with so many people coming and going and to be fair i don't know if many of the passengers who would want to tell anyone if they do you see have i think everyone to stay away from this and let the authorities as well as the media kind of hound him down and take reagan and how he is there an indication as to why he did not get on a flight to cuba or what his next step might be. you know from the beginning that when he left hong kong or supposedly on the air or flood plane achieve a moscow for that the third country of which a hong kong had stated that he was heading there are so much a speculation surrounding where would that country be countries like venezuela with
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thrown around cuba was thrown around and could do was also thrown around even a russia but then of course the arrival of the best of al-qaeda than we did learn that indeed edward snowden did ask for asylum in ecuador now this story resonates a little bit much of the one whistleblower that we've all been following his case of course that one of julian assange still holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london now his story was very different he was wanted for sex allegation charges in sweden was fearful fearful for the fact that he might be extradited back to the united states he then seek asylum in the ecuadorian embassy in london and he's been holed up there for over a year now still in the ecuadorian embassy has said that they are aware of this and that the fact that if you want to be extradited to the united states he might possibly raise an unfair trial and might be subjected to our unfair treatment hence
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the decision to give him that a file and now it's the same situation here with snowden if that door in the embassy does indeed decide that he is going to receive an unfair trial in the united states they could possibly award him with asylum right now what we do know is that they could go and embassy has offered him refugee status of papers this is because the one he has his passport has been reverted to by the united states they've all said anyone who is trying to help him has got to send him back to the united states that makes traveling very difficult so we're guessing that perhaps the reason he is still some way in at this airport is because of the paperwork if he's going to leave moscow if you're going to leave at that. transit area in the even if you have some kind of paperwork the other thing is this is only speculation of course he could be getting a new identity who knows there's so much running around the fact that he was not on the plane is still back and there is another plane on there is that we found out
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that it is a leaving for cuba will he be on the plane only time will tell me again for the very latest from the ground r.t. correspondents abang moats a fake you so much for a closer look at the rough road ahead for edward snowden i was trying to earlier by international human rights lawyer stephen cohen stanley cohen i started off by asking him what types of dangers this in a say a leaker will face next because a capable young man put his life in the in the crosshairs of the united states which is seeking his blood and if i were advising him i would suggest that he should get to the venue that he plans on going to and that's willing to accept him and then continue with whatever way that he wants to do in terms of exposing some terribly illegal in some turban of the practices of which he became aware in the united states now hong kong reporters asked snowden whether he took the job at booz allen hamilton specifically to gain information about the national security agency and he said that in fact he did that job he had for three months does it change his
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status as a whistleblower and to something more like a mole and from a legal standpoint does that matter. no i don't think it matters and i think we've spent a lot of time discussing him rather than the subject matter of the material that he has released as a whistleblower the question of whether he found himself in the job and then became concerned and wished to expose it or whether we pursued it for that reason doesn't change his status from the government standpoint nor does the change of status with his own defense team however is standing let me stop you there because it would in fact stop would it not the refugee standpoint with him filing for asylum the motives behind his release saying that's what not. those are questions of fact that need to be fleshed out in whether it's in a courtroom whether it's in proceedings whether it's under international law the fact that there's information being leaked by both sides being pushed and debated doesn't change the fact of the matter is that it currently does every future status
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under the international law and it has to be played out chair now from a legal sam point what is the next best move that edward snowden could make in order to avoid this jail time that he is afraid of well i'm not so sure if he's afraid of jail time i think this is someone who made a decision i think he understood at the beginning that if you were lucky perhaps the worst he gets is jail time this is a government that show no problem with this as a nation of the last forty years throughout the world if i were representing him i would suggest that he pursue asylum request political asylum request in the country and then let the let it go where it's going to go in terms of litigation he has as far as i understand it. requested asylum in two countries one of them is ecuador the other one is iceland so where does he go for now does he stay in the airport should he go somewhere else. well he's got two applications apparently pending and under international law and given the fact that he's in that transit zone he's
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beyond the reach of this half hearted effort by the obama administration to grab in any event and i think a viral representing him i would suggest to you wait a decision from the government then take whatever step is in his best interest in consistent with international law i mean being vilified now as a law breaker as being assumed that these the engages nor so it's a conduct that if it's been shown none of that's been proven what we do know is that he's being singled out by this administration the way it has and seven other occasions people for their political positions and people for in effect becoming whistleblowers now speaking about him being singled out and targeted as an enemy senator dianne feinstein said that a real whistleblower doesn't run away after spilling the beans from a legal standpoint is not in making his case worse or is he complicating it by fleeing the country before his disclosures were made public well given the treatment of bradley manning given the government's disrespect of international law
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with julian a songe i think it's the height of apocryphally for any representative in this country to point the finger at someone who's become an historical figure for this country a hero to say stand up young man to be counted if anyone needs to be counted here it needs to be the administration it deeds to be people like feinstein it needs to be congress that should step up and admit that they violated domestic law violated international law and stop this illegal policy we don't need any more scapegoats what do they want to torture him send him to get moe let him sit in a cell naked like this demanding that reaches the standard they're preaching on high they're the ones who've created this own mess that was international human rights lawyer stanley cohen. so let's recap all the countries edward snowden has dragged into this diplomatic standoff he was in hong kong when the leaks came to light he has asked for asylum in ecuador in iceland he flew to russia and bought a plane ticket to keep. and the us well has been brought up as a possible asylum destination as well the u.s.
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is adamantly pressuring these countries to send a snowden back to the u.s. to face espionage charges but so far no luck working this out host abby martin spoke earlier with michael ratner and he wanted to get his thoughts out about edward snowden saga and the countries that were involved he's president emeritus of the center for constitutional rights and he's also the attorney for wiki leaks as well as julia songe take a look what's most interesting so far is that both china and russia have refused to bow to u.s. pressure and ecuador apparently hasn't either and that's quite remarkable in the us is the richest most powerful country in the world and they have put incredible rhetoric plus pressure on these countries and it again it shows the limits but it also shows that there's support i think for ed snowden because he's revealed this worldwide surveillance system on all of us and he has support for that and people are upset by that unfortunately in the united states as i'm sure you know and as
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you talked about on with the media the major media are lining up behind the congressional approval the presidential approval kerry and cetera and we're not really getting the fourth estate except from programs like yours and a few others as to what really is going on and that's where the support is coming from for this for a feeling this massive surveillance of all of us that was michael ratner president emeritus for the center for constitutional rights an attorney for wiki leaks am drilling in a songe. well no matter where edward snowden the ultimate lee ends up he has instantly become a media sensation his story is that of mystery and intrigue and international flight from the government hands surveillance spying computer hacking in essence all the stuff the movies are made of for more on the media blitz following his sneak play r.t. correspondent on a saucer churkin i reports. some journalists believe the shocking us government spying scandal is the biggest story of our lifetime i sit in my desk certainly have
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the authorities to to wiretap anyone from you or your accountant to a federal judge to even the president if i had a personal e-mail with big brother shamelessly watching millions of people in secret seems to be turning into little more than a cat and mouse chase by the american mainstream media snowed snowed snow in my mind the only thing that's very really important. is it's really how the government is cracking down on. your mole over the place but that's far from most of the media's focus instead snowden is the source not the substance of the n.s.a. scandal is all the rage betraying your country is kind of a fashion statement what to me the national security kim carr national there's an old technique called change the subject when you don't like the subject this is how you change it you personalize it or you try to see what the problems are with the people who are delivering the message and ovoid actually explaining the message itself in this case a massive spy scandal has been turned into
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a possible case of treason as an alice in wonderland first comes the verdict then the trial with pundits eager to shoot the messenger we need to get very very serious about treason and oh by the way for treason as in the case of bradley manning or edward snowden you bring back the death penalty from questioning whether the reporter who broke the scandal with snowden as his source should be punished along with the whistleblower why shouldn't you mr greenwald be charged with a crime to news reports focused on snowden's girlfriend what's curious she also packed everything up and left for the mainland to pointing fingers at any other government but their own whether china or russia has been able to sort of suck out that knowledge from those computers while he's been in the countries of voiding the issue at hand seems to be a priority it doesn't surprise me that this would be this pope. snowden's private issues were his private affairs or his whereabouts and travelled instead on
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the credibly important revelations that he has given us the answer to the question why is simple because they failed to do their job to actually expose all this so now they're blaming somebody who has exposed it and it makes them look bad ditto for the government the media coverage of the n.s.a. scandal a litmus test for journalism that most are feeling instead of cleaning up their act and dwindling ratings networks are busy looking for bad guys elsewhere instead of looking the real villain in the face when you consider that as recently as one thousand seven richard nixon was forced to resign in large part because he thought well. this is a huge change in our perception while the media war breaks out over supporting or hating edward snowden as little airtime as possible is actually dedicated to the spying on unsuspecting citizens itself the biggest privacy leak in recent u.s.
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history has shown the media to have little ability to deal with complex issues instead indulging themselves in a manhunt yet again but then again the shouldn't be too shocking when the finger pointing every now and then is paused it's stories like this that fill air time. or the sound of your holiday your holiday weight. i'm going to new york after more than twelve years of finding its way through afghanistan the u.s. and taliban are finally acknowledging that they are ready to sit down and broker peace talks this move has been a long time coming and original experts admit that there cannot be peace in afghanistan without these negotiations taking place but no sooner did the u.s. send an envoy to doha qatar for these peace talks than this have been take a look at yesterday's headline. presidential palace comes under attack in afghanistan afghanistan palace attack three dead in kabul assault and explosions
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and gunfire in central kabul and as if negotiations with the talabani weren't already unstable enough the ground for public key the group actually publicly claimed responsibility for these attacks so how money mental of a setback is this i was joined earlier by michael semple he's a senior fellow at the cia our our care center for human rights policy at the harvard kennedy school he filled us in on the latest with these peace talks i don't think that anybody should expect the taliban to play soft their spokesman made quite clear that they are not on ceasefire yet and this is what you call a fine time to talk strategy they are saying that they're ready to go into talks today or say that we're not going to stop fighting until there's some kind of a cease fire but at the same time with this fight and talk strategy are. when you say you're outwardly attacking the people that you're trying to talk with. i would
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certainly i would say that you cannot expect to go very far in peace talks on this you are prepared to go on to a cease fire you cannot be in a room talking with people if outside your your comrades are trying to kill them so the i think very very soon in this process we will get to see whether the taliban are serious or not so are you saying that the moves that they made and said they are evidence that possibly you know the taliban is either not serious about these talks or that they're shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to moving forward in afghanistan with so far because they have essentially not yet started negotiations and they are they can stick to this point where under no obligations are still there is to the war on but i think it will become increasingly clear over time whether they are prepared to make the kind of compromises which are required for an agreement or not i think the other point is that until now the taliban have claimed to be fighting against a foreign occupation and it seems they can't really keep on with this excuse for
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very long because everybody knows foreign troops are leaving if they insist on fighting against the afghan government i think they'll probably quite soon soon run out of support for their armed conflict they have some support for fighting against foreign troops very little support for fighting against the afghan government so what should we expect to happen now a u.s. envoy was already en route for these talks in qatar are they just expected to turn around and head home these are new want to turn turn home because of this incident well the u.s. is trying to do is to keep the afghan government old board while getting the taliban on board and also maintaining the confidence of the various countries in the region that it requires for a proper settlement so that's really quite ambitious a process of diplomacy i think they're trying to make sure they get everybody on board and then they sit down and how these talks and of course the talks between the u.s. and they have the talent. aren't really the important ones the important talks are the talks of the outcomes the u.s. is trying to set the scene for on
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a historic encounter between the taleban the afghan government and final question is it possible in your opinion to achieve peace and stability in afghanistan without the taliban's participation and it would be an awful lot easier if the the taliban decided to cooperate and see a compromise if they don't well you know the game will go on and people will look for other strategies very interesting thank you so much for joining us michael semple senior fellow at the cia our center for human rights policy at the harvard kennedy school the debate on immigration reform is slowly moving forward but perhaps not in the way that immigrants would like the senate approved its most expensive plan ever to bulk up border security on monday with a sixty seven to twenty seven vote here's what the plan includes twenty thousand additional border agents three hundred fifty miles of added fencing and more drones total anticipated cost thirty eight billion dollars for more on this border war i was joined earlier by r.t. correspondent rima lindo and i asked him what he made of this new militarized
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border plan. when we look at the obama administration he's been trying to put immigration reform at the top of priority ever since he ran for his first term and now he's repeated and this became especially important for the g.o.p. after mitt romney lost and they saw that they really needed to reach out to latino voters so during this compromise talks of immigration reform in the senate it seems however that the republicans have taken charge and have made this bill more about enforcement and less about dealing with those immigrants that you spoke of who who don't really have papers here but who are living and working in this country so as you mentioned this new amendment passed on monday which would dedicate billions and billions of dollars more for drones surveillance and manpower without really addressing the larger picture of corruption and human rights abuses at the border and really having to deal with the big picture issue of how u.s.
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foreign policy affects migration now a lot of pundits have said that the only way to pass comprehensive immigration reform is mine including borked up security at the border between the u.s. and mexico where lawmakers saying about that that's absolutely right and really a lot of this pressure as i mentioned has been coming from the more right wing conservative branch of the republican party many of which want enforcement only and really don't want to give immigrants any sort of chance of citizenship i mean the way that the bill is written now it would take up to ten years just to get legal residency and that doesn't even guarantee citizenship and besides that you would have to be ordered to pay taxes and penalties i mean it even has some republican senators such as john mccain wondering i mean what does it take to really get immigration reform off of the senate floor hears him the other day talking. legislation concerning the border security removes any validity to the argument
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that border security is not sufficient i mean this is not only sufficient it is well over sufficient and will be the most militarized border since the fall of the berlin wall. yeah and just a follow up on that arizona governor jan brewer who is considered to be one of the most anti immigrant politicians in the country is supporting these new military militarization efforts happening in the senate right now so it really goes to show how much this immigration reform has gone to the right since its inception now let me ask you both sides from the republicans and the democrats who are the biggest winners and losers in this from this immigration reform and more importantly this is this border broke up sure well some of the same companies that we saw make a profit off of the wars in afghanistan and iraq are also said to make big money off of the contracts are done with homeland security and in order to secure the
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southern border we have kind companies like general atomics here in california which already supplies ten drones to homeland security they're likely to get a contract for many more drones if this immigration reform does pass and that was our to correspondent ramon galindo. well since nine eleven the f.b.i. and other authorities in the west have been on the constant lookout for its terrorist within our borders but the fear of another attack could cause innocent americans to be didn't terrorists for the details on that the residence or hardness explains. if you are one of those people who have heard about the n.s.a.
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spying on us all and think and no big deal i'm not a terrorist so i have nothing to worry about thank you again because we are all potential terrorists according to the american government even if we think we are just law abiding citizen. here's an example for you in tennessee water department officials were meeting with residents recently the residents complained that the water was cloudy tasted weird and was making their kids sick at the meeting officials told us that isn't that their complaint could be considered an act of terrorism under homeland security. here's another example a sixteen year old girl in florida brought to school a small plastic bottle and some household products to try a science experiment when she mixed the items together in the bottle on the school grounds the bottle cap popped off no one was hurt but school officials still
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had her arrested and now she's being called a terrorist another example comes from a set of documents obtained by an organization called bold nebraska the documents show how trans canada the company trying to build the giant oil pipeline across the u.s. is encouraging law enforcement to treat protesters as terrorists under the patriot act so if you were peacefully protesting against a corporation you could be called. just here's the thing you might not think it's any kind of big deal but the u.s. government is spying on you because you have nothing to hide but they are building their case against you now will just in case they don't like something you do in the future complain about the water quality or protest a corporation or have the wrong opinion. every song you've ever downloaded
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without paying for it everything you've bought on line and didn't pay taxes for every weird facebook picture that you've ever taken that could be taken out of context those are already in your case file as an american you were supposed to be innocent until proven guilty the government is not supposed to be allowed to keep a file on you but now we know that the government is treating us all as potential terrorists and everything we've ever died in legal or not can and will be held against us still ok with the government spying on you tonight let's talk about that by following me on twitter at the residence. for me for tonight for more on the stars we cover go to youtube dot com slash r t america.
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i miss you. when you take three. four charges three arrangement three. three stooges three. old freeboard live video for your media project three medio gondar t.v. dot com. that afternoon and welcome to prime interests i'm perry and boring in washington d.c. let's get to the prime headlines of today. what the frog mcgraw hill of the owner of standard and poor's is embroiled and another scandal but this one deals with price fixing in the energy markets a decade as.